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Adding a new Consultant Profile as an Administrator

It's easy as pie!

  • First check if the profile already exists!
  • If it doesn't, create it by clicking "+ Person" on the lefthand menu.

Remember to connect the new profile to a user
  • If the Consultant has logged in before:
    • If they've logged in before, there will be an existing user in the list of users.
    • 1) Connect the Consultant Profile to their User by selecting the user from list.
      • If you get an error "A person with this user already exists", it means that this Consultant already has a profile, so you do not need to create a new one.
  • If the consultant has never logged in before
    • 2) Create a User for the new consultant by clicking the "plus" icon
    • 3) Important: Username for the created user must match the email of the consultant, so that their login and profile will be connected automatically.
      • Password is not important, as it will be overridden when the user logs in via Whydah/Altran-AD

Help, a consultant can't edit their profile!

This is usually because they have not connected the profile to their User. See steps above on how to do this.

Double help! I can't connect a profile to their user! OR Help! I found a duplicate!

This happens when an admin has created a profile without connecting it to a correct User, and the consultant then creates a new profile for themselves. (The profile created by the logged in consultant will automatically be connected to their user.)

To fix this, delete either of the duplicated profiles, depending on which you want to keep.

In order to remove duplicates, go to the Profile admin-page:

This will list the Profiles. You should then easily see the duplicates when it is sorted by name.

Choose the one you want to delete (usually the one that has a connected user), and delete it.

It is good practice to check if a profile is empty before deleting

The profile without a user ( User = (None) ) can now be connected to the correct user.

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