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Search installation

stop and start solr
  • Config: /home/solr/solr
  • Log: /var/log/solr
update index
  • Rebuild index use "python rebuild_index
  • The update is also run by chron job. Initially every 10 min. See the crontab on server to verify.

Getting started, with alterations

version 4.1.0*

Install Haystack

In-Git changes

  • cvapp/
  • cv/
  • templates/search/indexes/cv

Solr - Schema.xml

  • generate via
  • Edit lang/stopwords_en.txt
  • add fields
    New note content
  • copy file to solr/collection1/conf/schema.xml
  • check in to cvapp/solr/conf
  • restart solr

Search in your code for index_queryset, you will see that you have to add **kwargs or using=None

Solr setup

  • collection1, is defaultCoreName. Ok for single core.
  • Indexes are defined in: solrconfig.xml (./solr/collection1/conf/solrconfig.xml)

Documentation on web

  • solrconfig.xml
    • solrconfig.xml is the file that contains most of the parameters for configuring Solr itself.
  • schema.xml
    • The schema.xml file contains all of the details about which fields your documents can contain, and how those fields should be dealt with when adding documents to the index, and when querying those fields.
    • We are using a schema.xml produced by Haystack, and then altered as seen above.

lxml install

Need version 3.0.1

Jetty install

Config are described here:

Jetty config /etc/default/jetty

Running single instance for now

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