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A competence system in action

ACS - Awesome Competence System - is not just a CV-system, it is a competence management system.

It is built around persons and CV's, a person may have mutliple CVs with shared information. This can be illustrated like this.

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  • Sales support
    • Search and filters helps finding good candidates with the saought after experience and competence, both for sales people and for consultants already on an assignment
    • Quick access and verification of candidates for specific needs
  • CV production
    • Good support for showing the candidates best sides compared with different roles and profiles
    • Good support for detailed adjustments and showcasing skills and experiences.
    • Production of CV Documents for further adjutments and distribution
  • Bid support
    • Quick and quality assured production of competency matrixes with connections to experiences
    • Reuseable rankings
  • Knowlegde building and knowledge governance
    • Acheive targets and follow up processes in order to strengthen skills and identify skill gaps to be closed.

The solution is under continous development in order to even better support these features in the future.
Especially the competence matrix section is in early alfa stage, and updates and adjustments in this area must be expected.|

Core components

ACS is built around the following core components that every person actively maintains.

Person with name, personal info, department and office.
  • Competences. Key qualifications as competence categories e.g. Methods, Technologies, Tools, and Roles. For each competence category specify included competences like RUP, Java, Hibernate and Scrum Master. This should not be a summary of the persons profile, this belongs to the CV and will be added later.
  • Workplaces. Current and previous employments.
  • Assignments/Experience. Work experiences, assignments, projects or roles that you have had, most likely as part of an employment.
  • Education. Formal education to be added here
  • Other. Somewhat more free what you want to add here. Publications, important roles, certifications etc are all good examples of information to add here.
  • If only start year and month are added to a workplace or assignment this means that it is ongoing. Wil be written in CV as e.g: '2010 Feb - ongoing'.
CV with role and profile.
  • ACS supports multiple CV profiles for any person. One CV is created per profile.
  • On the CV you may choose which of the entries under person that is relevant to include.
  • The role and profile texts creates the "first impression" one wants to give from this given profile.
Knowledge matrix (Beta) with a collection of skillsets questioned for a task/mission or bid.
  • Rating that consists of a knowledge description, scoring and references to experience elements that visualize that the scoring is correct in that specific area.

Note that a CV may exist in two languages, the native language it was written in (Currently supporting Norwegian and Swedish) and English.
The language of the Native template is decided by the language associated with the office where the person is working.


Searching and filtering

  • You may search for any content like
    • Name of person
    • Name of company
    • Name of technology
  • You may use the filter on the left hand side to filter for
    • Years of experience (calculated based on the start date for the first entry in the Experiences section
    • Whether or not the person has a completed CV
    • Where they are located
    • Which department they belong to
  • You may sort the result ascending or descending based on
    • First name (Default)
    • Years of experience
    • Name
    • Last edited

Creating my CV for the very first time

If your name is not on the list already or you are creating a CV for someone else, do like this:

  1. Click the "Add Person"-button to start creating a new Person.
  2. Once you are done adding skills to your person, save and continue to CV.
  3. All elements are by default added to your newly created CV, add title and profile, and remove items that should not be included if any.
  4. Save & exit back to the main page

Edit your personal info

When displaying your card, mouse over and click edit person.
You may also access edit person when viewing a CV.

Edit your CV-profiles

When displaying you card, mouse over and click edit CV.
You may also access edit CV when viewing a CV or a editing a person.

Download CV with preview and adjustments

When viewing a CV, you may do adustments "on screen" before downloading, especially handy if you are downloading PDF-files.
You may download CV as Doc, ODT or PDF.

NB: The last minute changes will not be saved.

Download multiple CVs - available from the list view

Send someone a message (Also known as Nagging!)

When you look at a person or CV that needs an update, you may send this person a message by pressing the message button.
Include why and what the person needs to update and press "Send message"

Altran spesifics

Use your word based CV as a template and enter all information in ACS.

A tip is to use cut and paste via notepad or the Paste-feature in the right hand side tools menu.

Do not put to much information under workplace, all project experiences should go in as Assignments/Experiences.
You might want to hightlight Technologies and Tools under Competences

Support and FAQ

If you have any questions, you may write them on the Faq or send an e-mail to

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