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A possible MRP will inflict an unacceptable amount of Pain on one or more user sets.


A pain reliever is anything that counteracts the discomfort of having to work with a release that lacks important features. A pain reliever should be used as long as it alleviates more pain than what it costs. Pain relievers can be used with sany type of user, not just external customers. Examples of pain relievers are:

  • Money
    Give customers cash, coupons or some other kind of money as compensation. This works best if combined with Limited releases.
  • Promotion
    Give a group of employees that will use a Limited release expanded authority or some other kind of promotion.
  • Discounts
    Reduce the price of the products being sold.
  • Reduce user expectations
    The simplest (but still effective) way of lowering users expectations of a release is to label it as a beta release.
  • Better service
    Provide customers with individual service arrangements. Open a hotline that only affected customers can use.


The MRP can be reduces since users are willing to accept more Pain.


  • If the pain reliever is too strong it can mask flaws in the release.
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