Replacement project

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Any project that will lead to the phasing out of one or more systems. Most replacement projects have multiple goals and will also develop new features. Examples of systems that are replaced in replacement projects range from "ancient" legacy systems to outdated content management systems on web-sites.

It is also interesting to note that there are many similarities between a project that is developing a new product (that will compete with existing products) and replacement projects. In both cases the new system is competing with one or more existing systems.

Replacement projects are also closely related to Enhancement projects and can use many of the same Patterns.

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  1. May 05, 2011

    It would be useful to explore the specifics of this in more detail.
    In a replacement The Minimal Releasable Product is often dependent on the Minimal Replaceable Functionality of the legacy system.
    How do you identify the minimal replaceable functionality? You need to consider coupling:

    • within the application components
    • within the application data
    • between applications that the legacy integrates with

    There should (hopefully) be some strategies for helping with these...