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Emerging technology; extending the object in enterprise context. This agenda meant as a very tentative guideline. The group will change direction and speed acording to the findings and ideas as we go. The timeslots are just meant as a kind of timeline. As time flies we will have a great mix of talks, demos, discussions, lightening talks, peer programming, beer drinking, heavy fights and lots of fun..

Saturday 20.9
1100: Welcome
1130: Qi4j - Why Qi4j is the coolest thing in programming since OO
1300: Qi4j - Getting familiar with the new building blocks
Notes gathered in Composite Object Programming and Qi4J observations and notes
1800: Neo4J (Responsible for docs: Kaare)
Notes gathered in [smidigtonull:GeekCruise Notes \- Part 2 \- Emil presents Neo4J]
1830: Pojos vs Enterprise Pojos (Responsible for docs: Ferris)

Sunday 21.9
0930: Qi4j hacking
1130: Recap
1230: DSLs as Object extensions (Responsible for docs: Knut Vidar)
Notes gathered in GeekCruise Notes - Part 3 - DSLs, SQL
1330: Enterprise requirements (aka. The Mountain) (Responsible for docs: Sergei)
1430: EDR - Data Management taken seriously (Responsible for docs: Richard)
Notes gathered in GeekCruise Notes - Part 4 - Mountains and EDR
1530: CASE2 - Reusabillity of domain objects in the enterprise (Responsible for docs: Ole)
1630: [Combining the strengths, future directions] (Responsible for docs: Totto)
1730: CASE3 - Methodology and tools in the enterprise (Responsible for docs: Kjartan)
1830: [How to start climbing - techniques and challenges] (Responsible for docs: Johannes)
1930: Wrap up and ideas for future work (Responsible for docs: Erik D)

Taken out

The need for Enterprise Pojos
[CASE1 - Evolvabillity from small to enterprise solutions]
[Challenges and possibillities today]

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