Work in Process - data mapping

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  • Name of CIO
  • Name of contact persons
  • Internal info
  • Web Crawl
  • Financial Info
    • Credit Rating Agencies
    • News feeds Eg. Bloomberg
  • Subscribing to updates
    • Articles on web
    • News on web
    • Updated web-pages
  • Using Pull to get selected info


  • demographicaly
  • market leadership
  • inter-company partnership between companies.
  • companies that are partners with our company´s partners.
  • Companies with unsolved competency challenges. Ie. lacking the right people to do the job.
    • Employees that are leaving the company.
    • Signs of organizational "illness".
  • Social and relational networks like Linked-in...


  • Graph
  • Linked Graph
  • Something like "Disk Inventory X"
  • Size of text
  • Geographical map, with size of text.


  1. Are there any products we can use?
  2. How do we implement these presentations?



  • Company
  • Industry Term
  • Person

Number crushing

  • Norwegian to English translation to enable auto-taxonomy tools available today.
  • Handle synonyms (responsibility of the auto-taxonomy service)
  • Handle miss-spelling (partly the responsibility of the auto-taxonomy service)
  • Use a auto-taxonomy service like Calais.
  • Must implement our own calculations.
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