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Moderator Extension for EDR


  • Log Differences in data between providers
  • Notify moderator to verify data.
  • Keep list of updates awaiting moderator aproval
  • Notify Controller if a domain object should be flaged dirty.

Dependent on

  • Provider Object Sync Controller


  • Should we have Moderator funcionality also for Update (answere is yes).
  • Challenge how to handle that a user does not have rights to update one of the providers.
    • Solved by updating the providers the user has write-access to.
    • Must as a minimum log that update failed, with the corresponding data.
  • Not sure if Moderator will call ProviderObjecSyncController. A different aproach is for ProviderObjectSyncController to return error if sync failed, and then call the Moderator.

Examples implemented

in Java so far.

1. Felles Contact Person - ikke lik verdi - log
2. Felles Contact Person - ikke lik verdi - oppdater automatisk, samme verdi på neste kall

Bruk moderator som dependency injection (fra testklasse)



Moderator example for running EDR.
*This Example will first retreive a domain object. The providers will have *
*different contact persons. A message about these differences will be logged, *
*and the Legacy Provider will update it´s Contact Person from Billing Provider. *

  • *
    *On the next run, data will be the same, and no info will be put into the log. *
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