Merge Strategy Pattern

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  • Målsetning
    • Ansvarlig for mappingstrategier på feltnivå
  • HVA - Resolvestrategier
    • Auto-resolve (multimaster på feltbaserte regler)
    • ManualResolve (legg jobben på et menneske)
    • MasterSource (overskriv fra ett kjernesystem)
    • MasterService (Alle outofbounds endringer er ugyldige)


In what context is it relevant to evaluate this pattern?


  • Point 1 that drives the need to implement this pattern
  • Point 2 that drives the need to implement this pattern


A complete description of the solution to the problem

Class Diagram

For implementation patterns

Sequence Diagram

For implementation patterns

Resulting Context

What's the concrete gain?


In our experience.. blablbal

Extensions / Advanced Scenarios

Describe extension points and advanced scenarios

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