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MDS in a nutshell
An MDS provides
  • seamless interoperability
  • dramatically reduced complexity and brittleness of IT systems
  • increases the scalability of the environment
  • adapts more easily to new data sources
  • perform and scale to handle the ever-increasing data volumes

Enterprises that are migrating to an SOA and want to reduce costs and complexity, while ensuring the accuracy and completeness of
data, are well advised to consider an MDS as part of their overall strategy and technology implementation

Solving the SOA Data Dilemma with Master Data Services (MDS)

The ultimate goal of strategic information management cannot be fully achieved unless specific care is taken
to understand and manage the underlying data as a strategic asset

Unless special attention is paid to shared data, SOAs run the risk of failure because the proliferation of "bad"
data can actually lower the overall quality of a company's most critical information.

Success checklist

  • Manage Data Quality Rules in One Place
  • Control Data Redundancy
    • Write back to source
  • Resolve Semantic and Structural Variations
    • Write back to source
  • Require Autonomy
  • Enforce Data Governance Policies
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