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I plan to summarise two reports/articles.

The first is a famous paper entitled "On System Design" which questions the ability to teach sw architecture thinking.

Abstract: In this essay, I consider some of the factors that are making it more and more difficult to expend the effort necessary to do system design. Because of changes in the economics of the field in both industry and research, we have become less able to take the time needed to do real system design, and to train the next generation of designers. Because of the intellectual property landscape, we are less able to discuss system design. The end result is that we do less good system design than we used to, at least in those environments where system design used to be most common. But there are reasons to be optimistic about the future of system design, which appears to be happening in non-traditional ways and in non- traditional venues. In particular, one interpretation of the popularity of both agile methods and open source projects is that they give the participants places where they can learn the craft of system design.

The second is a report from a workshop last year at the SEI on Assessing and Improving Architecture Competence in an organisation.

Abstract: This report summarizes a workshop on architecture competence that was held at the Carnegie Mellon ® Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in June of 2008. The SEI invited accomplished practitioners from government, academia, and industry to discuss key issues in assessing the competence of organizations that use architecture to produce software-reliant systems. After several opening talks by individuals who recounted their experience in competence improvement efforts, workshop participants divided into working groups. Each group was tasked with working on a specific set of issues and was asked to produce a set of questions that could appear in a competence assessment instrument.

I might also throw in some interesting places to consider when improving competence.
E.g., Grady Booch's Handbook of Software Architecture

Presentation (pdf)

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