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ConfigService is the key to Java Auto-Update functionality.

ConfigService Responsibility:

  1. Master for ConfigService provisioned clients data model
    1. Consisting of ConfigService - controlled application configuration data model
    2. Content management: Old ConfigService API documentation - ServiceConfigResource endpoint
  2. Old ConfigService API documentation - ClientConfigResource endpoint to support updating client configuration (incl. application version)
    1. CRUD operations of ConfigService - controlled application configuration data model
  3. Application monitoring (not implemented yet)
    1. dashboard/status view - how many clients for each application, which application version, what configuration, lastSeen
    2. Heartbeat (use checkForUpdates to store lastSeen for each client)
    3. envInfo - persist environment info from the client to support debugging when something goes wrong

There is a configservice-sdk library available to make it easier for Java clients to use ConfigService.

Documentation - starting points

Useful links

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