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The problem

JAU need to help ConfigService in answering why the managed application(s) are misbehaving so ConfigService can take appropriate steps to resolve the issue(s).

Suggested approach

  • Tag events in managed application (e.g. using Logback's Mapped Diagnostic Context).
  • Provision JAU with filters/rules (regex expressions) for finding these tags from ConfigService (suggested as a part of the managed application configuration)
    • Location of logs to search through - JAU needs to know where to look.
    • List of tags/expressions to search for/filter in logfile.
  • JAU monitors managed service's logs and collects events matching tags using regex.
  • Include the collected events in the next heartbeat message to ConfigService (possibly with a size limit..)
  • Collect information about managed service, e.g. environment info needed to identify client in ConfigService
  • Error/exceptions from managed service for debugging from remote. Can also use this to determine state of managed service, i.e. restart loop, running, stopped etc.
Which rules to include as default? Suggestions:
  • Error
  • Exception
  • ResolvedKeyManagedApplicationProperties
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