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JAU startup
  • Stop any running processes
  • If applicationState contains clientId, call checkForUpdate
  • if not, registerClient
  • checkForUpdate at regular intervals.
    • only restart if there is a new ServiceConfig
    • always download all files even if some already exist (robustness over network usage)
      • may consider adding option to ServiceConfig to control this later
Current lifecycle when failures happen
  • Restart of Windows:
    • Wrapper, JAU and Managed App comes up immediately
  • Wrapper service goes down:
    • Wrapper service comes up again within 20 seconds with new JAU and Managed App
    • Old Managed App is left running while old JAU dies
  • Managed App goes down:
    • Managed App comes back up immediately if it is managed by JAU
  • JAU goes down:
    • JAU comes back up immediately
    • JAU will try to find and kill Old Managed App
      • Managed App will be started if
        • PID-file does not exist
        • Old Managed App is killed
        • Old Managed App is not running (based on PID from file)
      • Old Managed App will be kept running and Managed App will not be started if
        • PID-file cannot be read
        • PID from PID-file is not valid
        • JAU could not find out if Old Managed App is running
        • JAU could not kill Old Managed App
  • JAU is stopped from Services console
    • Wrapper and JAU terminates but PA is left running
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