Service Manifest

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Explanations to the Service Manifest

I shall do one thing and one thing well

To be able to re-use a service, the service has to have a tightly defined responsibility. Just think in terms of building Lego-blocks. Some bricks makes for good building blocks, while other are specialized appliances.

I should never fail, but if I do, I will do it gracefully

Since the service will have an undetermined number of consumers, we need to take extra care of how we fulfill our contract and responsibility.

I shall retain evolvability

Since a service is a building block which is used by an undetermined number of consumers, we have to work hard to ensure that we do not break consumers (even those we do not know about)

I shall provide great service

Nobody wants poor service, and success in SOA works the same way as success in the real world - you have to provide great service to your consumers to ensure that they keep coming back you us to make business flourish.

Please note that these rules applies to all technology which aims for re-usabillity
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