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Mean Time Since Green Game

Is a game to learn about test-driven development, pair-programming, retrospectives, deliberate practice and team collaboration. It attempts to simulate how a team can work together towards a common goal.

The game players are divided into pairs. Each pair sits at one workstation. A single exercise will be handed out. Everyone will work on this exercise at their workstation, through a number of iterations.

For each iteration there will be a goal given by the Game Master. Between iterations there will be a retrospective where the team can reflect over the previous iteration and find strategies for the next iteration.

During an iteration, a small bell will ring roughly every two minutes to indicate a swap of keyboard driver. A louder horn is used to indicate that the iteration will soon end. Each pair should then try to get all their tests passing (go GREEN). When all tests are passing write down the time it took to get to green (this will be projected on a wall) together with the number of running tests on the workstation timesheet. Then hand the timesheet to the Game Master and cover your workstation with the green cover. The Game Master will gather statistics and present them for all the players. A short retrospective then takes place. A goal for the next iteration is decided (which can be a repeat of the same goal - repetition is an important part of practice). Players then move to a new workstation and the next iteration starts.

Blog on the very first Game (with some photos)

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