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Aggregated Core Services

Aggregated Core Services
Aggregated Core Services is extensions to Core Services. ACS is usually either context-specializing (CustomerCustomer and VendorCustomer) or aggregations from several Core Services like in CustomerDashboard which aggregates from Customer Service, Order Service and possibly more services


Services combined and orchestrated to produce
aggregated services

  • Aggregated functionality from several services
  • Context mapping
    • Translating between contexts
    • Anti corruption layer
  • No central persistence
    • Could (should) have cache (state full)

Code-Patterns for Aggregated Core Services

Context Map-oriented Aggregated Core Services
EDR-aggregated Aggregated Core Services

Technology/Implementation strategy (Java)


  • Code-centric ESB products
  • Space-Oriented Architecture
  • EDA products
  • AOP-oriented containers (services inlined as aspects)

Implementation and products

  • Java code
  • Use mobile code if you can
    • Jini/JavaSpaces or XML/XSD
  • ESB/EDA products
    • Mule, OpenESB (Glassfish), ServiceMix
    • OSGi containers
    • Esper (EDA-container)
  • Wrappers
    • Glue, XFire, SpringWS, (Axis)

Technology/Implementation strategy (.NET)


  • .NET 1.0/2.0 ASMX
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • IIS Hosted
  • Windows service / Self-hosted
  • In-proc (rarely)

Implementation and products

  • .NETcode
  • BizTalk orchestrations can do a good job for mapping and high throughput

Design rules (often called design-time governance)

Other technical discussions

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