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Identity Management (IdM)

"Don't start with the tool. Don't start with even thinking about vendors. Don't think "gee, now that we have fully committed to Identity and Access Management we will just outsource the whole thing, and a third party will take care of our business process for us." Instead, make the commitment to work through processes. Don't worry yet about higher-level tasks such as "role engineering" and "compliance baselining." If you start there, chances are it will not be worth the paper it's printed on by the next fiscal quarter. Instead, collect processes. Start with "business snippets" and work up from there."

Key success criteria's


OpenID Does One Small Thing
it lets your users use their own ids to login to your site. And that's it. That way you don't need to manage their usernames and passwords. But any further questions you might have about your user, like "who the heck are they", "how old are they", and "can they pay me" are left quietly unsaid.

Various bloggs

User-centric IdM

Major Advantages of the User-Centric Approach to Identity Management

  • Improved usability
  • Enhanced security
  • Backward compatibility
  • Protocol flexibility
  • Increased uptake of online services.


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