P1. A service shall have one named owner

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Ensure that a service is managed and governed sufficiently. An umanaged service can't be relied upon, and will not be successful.


If you are unable to find an owner for a service, chances are high that the service is unimportant which is not a good metric for success. Also if a service does not have an owner, there is no one to form a service level agreement with, thus no one can give any guarantees about the quality of the service or its service contract. The closer to the business departments you find the owner, the better chances for a successful service.

Exceptions/spesial cases

In general all services must have an owner, if they are to be included in a SOA-environment.


In doubt..

PAB discussions

Responsibillity for the owner

  • Ensure a high quality of the service: rollout patches and updates
  • Perform changes to the service in collaboration with consumers with special requirements

Examples of good ownership candidates for each service type


  • users - they have the natural incentive for enhancments


  • business owners,
  • product owners,
  • marketing directors


  • product owner
  • data owner
  • fallback: IT manager


  • data quality owners
  • product owner
  • data owner
  • fallback: IT manager

Design-Time Governance - SOA Design Rules FAQ

  • [Question still to be asked..]
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