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The Foundation of Norwegian Software Development Foundation and Cantara recognizes that there are leaders in the Norwegian Developer Community. The Cantara Champions program is an effort to recognize and encourage this community of leaders.

The concept behind Cantara Champions is to build an informal but select group of passionate software development and community people outside of Cantara. Cantara Champions are invited to engage in meaningful discussion(s) about the state of The Foundation of Norwegian Software Development Foundation and Cantara and its Eco-Systems. Members would come from a broad cross-section of the Norwegian Software Development Eco-System:

  • Software Development Luminaries; senior developers; architects; consultants; etc
  • Academics/University Professors
  • Authors of software development-related content (online & print) and industry conference speakers
  • Community leaders

The Foundation of Norwegian Software Development Foundation and Cantara wants to engage and recognize the segments within the Norwegian Software Development Eco-System, because in a lot of ways they are connected to each other. Cantara wants to give these leaders the opportunity to provide feedback, ideas, and direction to grow the Norwegian Software Development Eco-System. This interchange may be in the form of technical discussions and/or community-building activities with Cantara.

Being a champion means you will be able to influence the activities of Cantara and expand and strengthen your network with other local influential professionals.

So... All together now. Let's SHARE our passion for software development!

How Cantara Champions are nominated?

The program has a "community nomination" process that's both unique and a real strength. The community itself selects the nominees through a peer review process. The criteria used in the peer review are listed below as the (5) Principles.

How do I nominate a Cantara Champion?

If you know someone that is influential in their Community and/or is an advocate for the Norwegian Software Development Eco-System please nominate them by sending us an email (champions at cantara dot no) with the following information:

Five Principles of Good Champion Candidates :

A Cantara Champions selection committee has been formed to help out with the selection of new members to this online community.
There have been many discussions about how to select Cantara Champions. Here are some of the guidelines for selecting new champions and they are being used by the committee (one or several principles may apply to selection):

  • Principle #1: - Cantara Champions are Leaders...so if the candidate is leading an important Norwegian Software Development project, a community, or an online software development skill portal they will be considered.
  • Principle #2: - Cantara Champions are Luminaries in their field.... so the candidate should be a software engineer or architect that is relatively senior and has lots of experience, they should be considered.
  • Principle #3: - Cantara Champions should have Credibility.
  • Principle #4: - Cantara Champions are involved with some "really cool" software development or are involved with some sort of humanitarian or educational effort. The application must be openly available to the Norwegian Software Development Community (online or in print) vice a company proprietary or government classified project
  • Principle #5: - Cantara Champions are able to Evangelize or influence other developers through their own professional activities (Example: Consulting, University Professors, Book Authorship, etc)

The Cantara Champions

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