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Når objektsorientering ble introdusert var et av de store argumentene for tankemåten at dette ville gjøre gjenbruk mulig. På
noen områder har gjenbruk i objektsorienterte språk vært en braksuksess. Både standard bibliotek og open source bibliotek er
milevis foran det som man kunne drømme om i C. Men når prosjekter forsøker å anvende gjenbruk internt er erfaringene mer blandet. Noen
ganger medfører gjenbruk god reduksjon av kostnad og økning av konsistens i applikasjoner. Noen ganger blir en "gjenbrukbar"
komponent alt for komplisert til å være "brukbar". Andre ganger er forvaltningen av de gjenbrukbare komponentene uventet kostbar. Hva
skal til for å lykkes med gjenbruk i praksis? Hvilke situasjoner bør man tilstrebe gjenbruk og i hvilke situasjoner skal man bare løse
problemet man har rett foran seg?


  • Date:
  • Place: Color Magic - Oslo - Kiel - Oslo
  • Departure Oslo: Saturday, @ 11:00
  • Arrival Oslo: Monday, November 30th, 2009 @ 09:45
  • Language: Norwegian (documentation and discussions)
  • Co-operation with:
  • Profile sponsor:
  • Promo video:
  • Price: 6000,- NOK (All-inclusive, Cost-price ColorLine, cruise, food and beverage, seminar room)
  • Registration: send email with relevant info on your background/Bio to:
  • [List of participants - Geek Cruise 2010]
  • Workshop-facilitator: Johannes Brodwall
  • Project Organizer:


  • Help the industry to make the next step forward
  • Gather the best possible set of industry-experts to spend a full two days together in discussions on how to push the market to new levels...
Workshop goals
  1. Establish a exciting and fun discussion for important emerging enterprise technologies
  2. Document ideas, different views and key findings to the open community
  3. Provide a independent thought leader baseline for further work
  4. Document starting points and directions for everyone interested

Experts often end up with the responsibility for taking important decisions, but frequently find themselves isolated and without peers to discuss these decisions with. If this applies to you, you now have the opportunity to work with other experts, which will give you enthusiasm, energy and new ideas for improving your working life.

Work and results

  • Different workshop during the two day cruise. A clear and consistent flow of discussions and active prioritizing.
  • Live publication of work-in-progress for documentation and discussion with non physical contributors
  • All results will be licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license

Topic and goals

  • []

Preliminary agenda


11-12: Welcome and warm-up (Tobias og Johannes).
12-14: Lightning talks. (All participants will be given a topic beforehand)
14-15: Lunch
15-16: High-level prioritizing of key discussions
17-2030: Open space work groups - top-3 topics
21-01: Dinner

09-11: Lightening talks - presentations form last night open space results
11-12: Reschedule agenda
12-14: work
14-15: Lunch
15-18: Open space work groups
19-20: Coordination, documentation and wrap-up
21-01: Dinner

0945: Arrival in Oslo

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