Geek Cruise III 2009 - Scalability in 2009

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Scalability has in the recent years become more and more vital in software development. In the race to web 2.0 or enterprise 2.0 enable today's enterprises, many of the internal systems are experiencing explosion in load. At the same time, most successful web 2.0 companies have been very open with their internal architecture and experiences. This workshop intend to kill a few myths and establish a baseline for architectural options for scalable systems in 2009. By publicizing this guide, we hope to help developers and architects to make better decisions in how to plan and build for these new scalability challenges.


  • Date: 28-30.11 2009
  • Place: Color Magic - Oslo - Kiel - Oslo
  • Departure Oslo: Saturday, November 28th, 2009 @ 11:00
  • Arrival Oslo: Monday, November 30th, 2009 @ 09:45
  • Language: English (documentation and discussions)
  • Co-operation with: Webstep Oslo
  • Profile sponsor: Webstep AS
  • Promo video: View Download (m4v)
  • Price: 6000,- NOK (All-inclusive, Cost-price ColorLine, cruise, food and beverage, seminar room)
  • Registration: send email with relevant info on your background/Bio to:
  • List of participants - Geek Cruise 2009
  • Workshop-facilitator: Totto (Webstep & Cantara)
  • Project Organizer: [Ingvild] (Webstep)


  • Help the industry to make the next step forward
  • Gather the best possible set of industry-experts to spend a full two days together in discussions on how to push the market to new levels...
Workshop goals
  1. Establish a exciting and fun discussion for important emerging enterprise technologies
  2. Document ideas, different views and key findings to the open community
  3. Provide a independent thought leader baseline for further work
  4. Document starting points and directions for everyone interested

Experts often end up with the responsibility for taking important decisions, but frequently find themselves isolated and without peers to discuss these decisions with. If this applies to you, you now have the opportunity to work with other experts, which will give you enthusiasm, energy and new ideas for improving your working life.

Work and results



  • Several workshops during the two day cruise.
  • A clear and consistent flow of discussions, prioritized by participants.
  • Live publication of work-in-progress enables feedback, documentation and discussions from off-site participants.
  • All results will be licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license.

Key Topic

Required readings


1100-1130: Welcome and warm-up (Tobias).
1130-1300: Lightning talks warm-up
1130-1145: - LT1 Why movable code matter(Dan Creswell)
1145-1200: - LT2 Scaling batch processing - or not?(Johannes Brodwall)
1200-1215: - LT3 Scalability options in a DB world(Emil Eifrem)
1215-1230: - LT4 The scalable identity as a clown-fish in the pond of piranhas(Bjørn Borud)
1230-1245: - LT5 I only care for performance, scalability is just complexity(Finn-Robert Kristensen)
1245-1300: - LT6 Map-reduce - the silver bullet of scalability(Tobias Torrissen)
1300-1400: Intro theme 1: When to worry about scaling and how much effort to put into scaling at that point. (Dan)
1400-1500: Lunch
1500-1530: Agenda revisited
1530-1900: Group work, theme 1
1530-1900: - Group 1 - Groups of scalabillity problems
1530-1900: - Group 2 - Scalability "When signals" for software development
1900-1930: Presentation group work, day 1
1900-1915: - Group 1 - Presentation - Groups of scalabillity problems
1915-1930: - Group 2 - Presentation - Scalability "When signals" for software development
1930-2015: Lightning talks warm-up
1930-1945: - LT7 I hate clouds(Kjetil Valstadsve)
1945-2000: - LT8 Event driven architecture - the scalable middleware or just fluff(Ørjan Markhus Lillevik)
2000-2015: - LT9 Why everyone should care about scalability(Totto)
2015-2030: The Saturday night challenge... (Tobias)
2100-0130: Dinner and party

0900-1000: Summary, day 1
1000-1030: Agenda revisited
1030-1130: Intro theme 2: How to address scalabillity (Emil)
1130-1400: Group work, theme 2
1130-1400: - Group 1 - *How* to scale
1130-1400: - Group 2 - Where to scale....
1400-1530: Lunch
1500-1530: Agenda revisited
1530-1700: How to scale
1700-1830: Architecture progression
1830-1930: Different NOSQL options
1930-1945: Feedback, GeekCruise III
2000-0130: Dinner and party

0945: Arrival

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  1. Nov 28, 2009

    Reflection: There's a tradeoff between Performance and Scalability and between Disaster Recovery and Reliability. Architects love solving the theoretical, complex problem (normally scalability + disaster recovery). Sometimes, accepting the risk may be the most mature option.