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Johannes Brodwall is just-a-programmer. He's been programming for ten years and has found that in order to be just-a-programmer, one needs to create an environment in where creativity can happen. In order to do this, Johannes has acted as architect on some large (~100 devs) and some small (2-5 devs) projects over the years. After a while, he discovered that a culture of quality cannot be limited to a project, so he decided to contribute to the local development community in form of talks (every year at JavaZone), organizing user groups (Oslo XP meetup since 2004) and organizing conferences (Smidig 2007, 2008, 2009). He is opinionated and somewhat annoying.

Professional interests

  • Using agile methods to deliver business value
  • How to increase the frequency of releases (Agile Release Strategies)
  • Software craftsmanship: How to build skills and culture through code katas and coding dojos
  • Low tech software architectures
  • Balancing anarchy and cooperation in large projects
  • Presentation, communication and coaching skills

Praise quotes about Johannes

  • "Why do you always save the good advice until my book is already published?" - Mike Cohn, author, consultant, trainer
  • "How could you schedule your stupid talk to be at the same time as our vacation?" - Sarah Brodwall, Johannes's wife
  • "Slander! You can't even quote me correctly!" - Sarah Brodwall, Johannes's wife
  • "The speaker talked a lot about how all teams should do UI. The talk belonged to the UI track, not to the Agile track." - Audience member in Johannes's talk at Øredev
  • "Interesting from XXX he is a good speaker. Annoying with the guy with the need to grab attention and the pony tail (Johannes) who kept interrupting." - Audience member at Oslo XP meetup event organized by Johannes
  • "We're replacing you as lead architect to calm the discussions at the project." - Project manager at project where Johannes was lead architect.
  • "You always have to take the difficult path, don't you?" - co-worker
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