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Perl 6 has been under development for many years. "Rakudo" is the Perl 6 implementation on top of the Parrot virtual machine, and it about to have its first release defined as "usable" by its main developers. This release is called Rakudo * (Star).

In this talk Rune will show you how to get hold of Rakudo, tell you ways Perl 6 will be quicker to program in than Perl 5 and other languages, and give an idea on how it can help you avoid bugs in your code.

Speaker: Karl Rune Nilsen
Talk language: Norwegian

Rune has used Perl for very large web systems since 1996. Rune enjoys reducing the complexity and bugcounts of large systems by applying principles of functional languages, following the development of Rakudo Perl, cold beer and long walks on the beach. He currently works as a consultant at Redpill Linpro AS.

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