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The purpose of this article is to make it easier to choose what type of database is suited for your application.
The general idea is to describe data models suited for each type.

Some use cases are described in NoSQL, Heroku, and You .

Category Product examples When to use it Comment
Key Value / Tuple Store Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Dynamo, Voldemort Large datasets, read/write.. no advanced queries, distributed environments Test using HashMap
Wide Column Store / Column Families Google BigTable, Hbase, Cassandra    
Document Store MongoDB, CouchDB   Collections of K-V collections
Graph Databases Neo4J, Infinite Graph graph in domain model, relation intensive queries K-V on both nodes and edges
RDBMS OracleDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL Server    
Touple-space / Grid & Cloud Database Solutions GigaSpaces distributed code&data architectures  
Multivalue Databases Rocket U2, OpenQM    
Object Databases db4o, Objectivity    
XML Databases Mark Logic Server, eXist    
The event source poem - the tale of polyglot persistence
  • If I were an enterprise repository
  • I would love to have the read/write of key-value stores for my CRUD operations
  • so I could stop worrying about SLA and data volumes
  • If I were an enterprise repository
  • I would kill for the flexibility of a search index to handle the most demanding client
  • and rather extend and embrace exciting new queries
  • If I were an enterprise repository
  • I would marry a RDBMS to handle audit ability to the end of my life
  • for who does not love answers to who did what to whom and when?
  • If I were an enterprise repository
  • I go to war to archive social experience like in a graph database
  • and rather avoid today's awkward social life
  • If I were an enterprise repository
  • I really need to combine and mix the fantastic features of technology
  • and live happy forever after in the land of polyglot persistence....



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