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Totto's first process rule
  • It is fine to make mistakes, but it is not fine to not learn (from them)

What is a learning organization?

"A Learning Organization is one in which people at all levels, individuals and collectively, are continually increasing their capacity to produce results they really care about."

Src: Richard Karash

Why is it important to build a learning organization?

  • Create a common respect for your co-workers strengths.
  • Be humble for the fact that the team can achieve more than the sum of each team members effort.
  • Reduce the unwanted effect of co-workers putting their personal goals before the goals of the project.
  • Support the co-workers to help them become better.
  • Build a respect for the fact that decisions must be made. Often a single person must make the decision, consensus is a ineffective approach to making decisions.

"Creating a learning organization will be the 3rd most important personnel-challenge in the next years"

Src: Boston Consulting Group

How to build a learning organization?

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  1. Sep 11, 2010

    It is important to establish feedback and learning to bypass the "basic" organizational theories presented in books. To learn how to factor your organization for better performance, real knowledge about what works, and what don't must be revealed. This can be accomplished by studiyng the organization as a system of systems.

    One can also see how organizational silos prohibits establishing all feedback loops required, obscuring studying the performance and ultimately obstructing refactoring to improve performance.

  2. Sep 07, 2012

    I think that a focus on learning is great, and "Totto's first process rule" as listet above is a good thought. But it is very important to appreciate that learning from mistakes is actually very dificult. I think Kevlin Henney makes a very good point of this in: https://vimeo.com/14229762 (13 min and out)