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We've come a long way since the beginning of the Internet. Today business expect their IT solutions to embrace the richness and vast amount of information and data spread all over the Internet. The volume, structure and inter-relation of these data forces us to take a new look at how we approach persistence in today's software.



  • query richness
  • "related" data
  • analytics
  • speed/instantaneous
  • aggregates
  • "social media" aspects/features on then solutions
  • open API/open Data - 10-1000x load on application/services


  • Size
  • Data Connectedness
  • Less structure
  • Data Correctness and trust (relations)

Persistence Strategies

Polyglot strategies (combining multiple persistence technologies "under the hood" RDBMS, Graph DB, Document DB, Key-Value store ++))

  • Event Sourcing

Data (un)structure strategies

  • Auto-taxonomy services (Open Calais ++)
  • Context duck-typed data providers


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