Typical micro service technology stack (java)

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Some moments worth considering as a baseline for building micro services in java

Note: This is meant as a baseline, not a quick-start.

  • Build as executable jar-file (with maven)
    • run as simple as java -jar <filename.jar>
    • Dockerized
    • Windows Service Enabled
  • Web container
    • embedded jetty if service has extensive API
    • embedded netty if service need high scaleability
    • jersey (RESTFull services)
  • Resources
    • hystrix circuit breaker to all non-embedded/non-local resources (DB, http(s) ++)
  • State
    • hazelcast (state distribution) - non included yet, mainly because the codebase does not have state (yet)
  • Useful "extras"
    • com.jayway.jsonpath / jackson (json & jsonpath)
    • constretto (property resolving and overrides)
    • commons.logging/org.slf4j (bridging logging from libraries above)
  • Seurity
    • Basic Auth Internal Resources
    • Oauth2 Internal and External Resources
  • Obvious limitations
    • micro services should in most cases log to a central component, most likely AWS CloudWatch - but as of today, we have to pick, add the dependency and adjust the configuration


  • In baseline codebase on github
  • Not in baseline codebase on github

Template: https://github.com/Cantara/microservice-baseline

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