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Blitz HelloWorld Example


This example provides a simple demonstration of how to use a JavaSpace (it is not Blitz specific).
The example consists of four classes:

1. which handles service lookup.
2. which generates Entry's.
3. which takes Entry's.
4. which is the Entry class.

In order to compile these classes you will require the following .jar's:

  • jsk-lib.jar, jsk-platform.jar from the JINI 2.x distribution.

Assuming that your JINI 2.1 distribution is in /jini2_1 and your Blitz distribution is in /blitz, you can compile the example as follows:


Before starting the example, ensure that you have a Blitz instance running in a public lookup group - see the Installation Guide. This is necessary because the Lookup class does a single lookup and discover step - it does not register with discovered lookup services. Thus, if a Blitz instance isn't registered beforehand, it will not be found (I'll fix this in a future release!).

We are now ready to run the example. First, we'll start the taker - open a new terminal window and then:

Now we'll run the Writer - open a new terminal window and then:

The Taker will exit automatically when it hasn't taken an Entry in the last 60 seconds.

More Material

For more examples see:

1. JavaSpaces in Practice Examples
2. Bodega Project

For JavaSpaces resources see here

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