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The Agile Mindset

Understanding agile is not easy. It is a process of learning it by imitating the existing practices, doing it and learning what works, and finally mastering it, understanding the values behind it, and delivering good software on time again and again.

We do not claim to have mastered this mindset, but we have managed to collect a great portion of advice and practices which you will find on these pages.

If you have any comments, additional links or thoughts of your own, we appreciate fresh content, be it comments, new pages, or adding to existing ones.

So, how do you do Agile?

In short, it's not easy. Existing processes are there for a reason, and people are resistant to change. Improvement requires reflection and consideration to existing values and how they are achieved.

We recommend the following, very vague, but obviously important steps:

  1. Find out what agile means for you and see which practices already exist in your context (there are probably several).
  2. Identify your values and measure them.
  3. Introduce practices or methods that help increase value.
  4. Removing practices that decrease value or slow you down.

There are tons of good litterature on the subject, and it is a good idea to make yourself familiar with the existing knowledge. Pragmatic Programming is a good starting point.

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