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Mission statement

The purpose of this wiki is to create processes, techniques and technology which, in combination, will provide cost efficient and easy-to-adopt bootstrapping environments. The starting point is agile methodology, but the focus is to solve the challenges in the enterprise under realistic conditions. By this we mean extending/strengthen the agile manifesto with:

  • evolve ability and maintainability over project heroes
  • sustainability and total customer value over features and glass bowl project focus
  • facts and knowledge over religion and preaching
Where to begin

Even if your project do not fall into the sustainable or enterprise category, there should be plenty of valuable advice here which will prove useful. Our featured articles below provide some starting points, or you can search for topics.

Page: JaMaCU Deployment Strategy
Page: Maven Infrastructure
Page: JigZaw
Page: Agile Mindset and Methodology

Searching KM: Software Development

Main components

Popular Pieces


Structure of this wiki-space

We are still debating an information architecture for the content of this site and value your feedback and suggestions.

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Name Description Completeness of documentation
Tactics The pieces of the puzzle, pure and simple  
Evaluation of tactics according to organizational drivers A guide to which tactics are easy/difficult to implement to different organizations  
Agile and Software Architecture Recommendations on how to ensure sound architecture and system design when doing "agile projects"  
Agile Mindset and Methodology Most of the agile methodology aspects  
Strategies How to combines tactics, methodology and architecture suited to solve a problem according to given drivers  

Other challenges

The following are research areas that will generate results according to the above structure.

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