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Ok, I was looking for this page on Wikipedia, but could not find it, so I am starting it here.
Needs much work.

Better alternative:


Some questions for inspiration to Comparison:


Actor name OS/Commercial/License Gist Strong points Weaknesses
PingIdentity Commercial Idp with many connectors and mobile solution    
Auth0 Cloud service by Auth0      
Whydah Open Source, Apache 2.0 license  
  • Easy to embed into agile development
    * Live great alongside other solutions
    * High-scalability and availability set-ups
  • Not widespread deployment
.Net Built in        
Gigya Customer identity management Commercial by Gigya Customer identity management, well documented    
Shibboleth Open Source, Apache 2.0 license      
Azure Active directory Commercial by Microsoft    
OpenIAM Identity Manager Open Source, Apache 2.0 License      
[Apache Syncope] Open Source, Apache 2.0 License      
OpenIDM CDDL-1.0 by ForgeRock      
Avatier Identity Management Software Suite Commercial by Avatier      
NetIQ Access Manager Commercial by NetIQ      
IBM Security Identity Manager (Tivoli) Commercial by IBM      
Oracle Identity Management Commercial by Oracle      


Protocol Intended use

Other sites attempting to compare auth stacks / more inspiration

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