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HTML5 has been hyped a lot the last 12 months. Each passing day, the browsers support more and more of the HTML 5 featuree set, both in terms of the new HTML form elements and the new JacaScript API's. This mark a new start for creating great applications based on Open Wen Standards.

This Code Camp will be a project-oriented, hard core, hands-on deep-dive into HTML 5 where we'll visit all of the important specifications and implement a real solution in project teams.


Recruit and armour the HTML5 warriors and send them to war to move Norwegian IT to the front-line of great front-end solutions.

Date: 15-17.10 2010
Departure Oslo, Hotel Opera 17:00 (Totto: +47 98 256 071)
Place: Quality Spa & Resort Holmsbu
Language: Mostly english..
Twittertag: #HTML5Oslo Twitterlist


17:00: Bus from Oslo Center, Hotel Opera 17:00 (Totto: +47 98 256 071)
19:00: Welcome

  • Cool stuff and experiences from the trenches - Lightening talks
  • Social
Final - as in the standing plan at any given time...
B - Bruce, R - Robert, D - Dylan, T - Trygve

19:00: Welcome

21:00: Dinner

  • Social

08-09: Breakfast

  Resp Type Duration Topic
2 B Talk 15 A brief history lesion on why we have got HTML5.
3 B Talk 30 The new semantic elements (section, article, nav etc..).
4   Coding 45 [FRONT:Build a framework for the application with the new semantic elements.]
5 B Talk 20 The new form elements, attributes and input validation.
6   Coding 45 [FRONT:Append input elements with input validation to the application.]

13-14: Lunch

  Resp Type Duration Topic
7 B Talk 20 Video and Audio
8 R/T Talk 15 Video and Audio API's
9   Coding 45 [FRONT:Add video and audio support]
10 R Talk 25 The Drag and Drop API
11 R Talk 15 File API
12   Coding 60 [FRONT:Append a feature where the user can drag a multimedia element from the desktop into the application]
13 D Talk 45 Canvas
14   Coding 60 [FRONT:Add a feature where canvas are used to view the image] (can include features to manipulate the image and display the manipulated version in a canvas. A third party library can be used for the manipulation).
15 R Talk 20 Web Storage
16 D Talk 20 Web SQL - IndexedDB
17   Coding   [FRONT:Append a feature which stores the content in each input field in a Web Storage on each keystroke to prevent data loss]

21:00: *Dinner *

  • Social

08-10: Breakfast

  Resp Type Duration Topic
18 D Talk ?? WebSockets
19 R Talk ?? Online-offline detection
20   Coding   [FRONT:Add support for live editing between two blog input interfaces] (require that we provide a server with websockets which can act as a proxy).
21   Coding   [FRONT:Add support for online\-offline detection. If offline prompt user and start to store client side]

13-14: Lunch

  Resp Type Duration Topic
22 D   45 Coding challenge Present your application
23 D Talk ?? Bridging the gaps-backward compatibility (JS frameworks)
24 T Talk 20 W3C Widgets

16:20: Coding Challenge Award
16:40: Wrap-up and evaluation
17:15 Departure

  • Oppsummering og evaluering
    17:15 Avreise


Bruce Lawson

I’m a member of the Web Standards Project‘s Accessibility Task Force. Author of Introducing HTML 5. I’m a jobbing web developer with a firm belief that the web is a revolutionary communication mechanism and should be available to all. Since June 2008, I’ve been working for Opera, evangelizing open web standards as part of their Developer Relations team.

Dylan Schiemann
As CEO of SitePen and co-founder of the Dojo Toolkit, I've grown SitePen to be recognized as the leading provider of web development and consulting services offered by an amazing team of software engineers, designers, and consultants. I'm an expert in the technologies and opportunities of the Open Web and our commitment to R&D has enabled SitePen to be a major contributor to pioneering open source web development toolkits and frameworks like Dojo, cometD, and Persevere. Prior to SitePen, I web applications for Informatica and a variety of start-ups. I earned his Masters in Physical Chemistry from UCLA and his B.A. in Mathematics and Chemistry from Whittier College, and my research on foam led me from chemistry to the web.

Robert Nyman
Web Developer who gives talks and blogs about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and open source-software.

Trygve Lie

Gregers Gram Rygg

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