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The purpose of this FAQ is to answer questions related to Maven that often come up in development projects. Links to official Maven documentation should be preferred to writing custom documentation.

Organize Maven projects and modules
Dependencies and Build Stability
Repository Management
Deploy and Release
Assemble and Distribute Artifacts
Smoother Development with Maven
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  1. Sep 12, 2008

    On the starting the Test and Main methods from the console - how can you do this from the root if the code lies in a sub-module?

    1. Nov 05, 2008

      Can you elaborate?
      I don't understand your question.

  2. Nov 03, 2008

    Subversion 1.5.1+ issues:

    Maybe make a note about it in docs regarding "mvn release" until there is some fix for it?
    As users with Ubuntu Intrepid uses subversion 1.5.1 pr. default.

    btw: thanks for a nice wiki.

    1. Nov 04, 2008

      Feel free to add it yourself. It's a wiki, and all registered users have read/write access.
      (Put it under the release and deploy section.)

  3. Nov 04, 2008


    Should we think of splitting this page in sub-section pages? It gets very difficult to browse now...

    Best regards,


    1. Nov 05, 2008

      Let's try it out. What do you think about the new organization?
      Any more suggestions?