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The agile todo-list.

Commit Notification

Automatically announce new code.

Continuous Deployment

Automatically deploy the latest changes.

Continuous Integration

Automatic build and integration.

Daily Standup meeting

The daily get-together ceremony.

Definition of Done

Definitions and suggestions for enforcement.

Extreme Agile

When you take agile practices to the extreme. Sandbox for new practices.

Feature Branches

Keep the main branch in a working state, develop new features in branches.

Gummy Bears

An abstract concept of estimation.


Naked Just-In-Time planning.

Planning Poker

Do you plan poker?


Personal micro time boxing.

Pragmatic Programming

Agile does not mean idealistic or dogmatic.


The post-iteration meeting where the team seeks improvement.

Sprint planning

Test-Driven Development

The ever more popular test-first approach.

The Diary

Write and share a few notes on what you do each day.

The Planning Game

The team and customer get together and figure out what they are going to do in what order.

Time Tokens

Paying for time taken with chips.

User Stories

An agile way to express requirements.

User Story Mapping

Mapping user stories together.

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