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Title Where Who When Comment
Agile 2.0 in the real world (TBA) JavaZone 09 Erik Drolshammer 2009.09.09-2009.09.10 proposal!
How automated deployment can reduce cost, risk and complexity CommunityOne North , slides Erik Drolshammer 2009.04.15 Deploy application with native packages
Agile 2.0 Oslo XPMeetup Erik Drolshammer 2008.10.20  
Finally, an Agile test strategy (that works)! javaBin Oslo Bård Lind and Erik Drolshammer 2008.10.02 Abstract
OW test model - an Agile2.0 tactic Telenor Cinclus Erik Drolshammer 2008.08.28 (commercial)
OW test model - how to reduce complexity in tests javaBin Sørlandet Bård Lind 2008.02 forum
Smidig20AtSmidig2007 Smidig2007 Totto 2007.10? Abstract
JigZaw Intro Telenor Bård Lind 2010.04.19  
JigZaw Verktøy Telenor Bård Lind 2010.04.19  

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Page: Agile Tragedy - the agile practitioner visits the wine store (KM: Software Development)
Labels: presentation, agile, techniques
Page: JigZaw Verktøy (KM: Software Development)
Labels: presentation, ci, maven, test, deployment, mvnprofileexample, tactic
Page: JigZaw Intro (KM: Software Development)
Labels: presentation, ci, test, webtesting, strategy, jigzaw
Page: Robust smidig utvikling - når resultater er viktigere enn religion (KM: Software Development)
Labels: presentation
Page: Finally, an Agile test strategy! (that works) (KM: Software Development)
Labels: test, presentation
Page: Smidig20AtSmidig2007 (KM: Software Development)
Labels: presentation
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