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Tactics are the smallest pieces of the puzzle, and may be any combination of:

  • Technology
  • Best practises
  • Patterns
  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Library, tools and frameworks
  • Skills
Home page: Enterprise Domain Repository - Home
Page: DNS Environment Enclaves
Page: Environment versioning
Page: JigZaw Verktøy
Page: Helper code as separate projects
Page: Maven Infrastructure
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  1. Sep 10, 2008

    Several of the "tactics" listed here are general architecture patterns and sensible practices for handling issues that are valid for all kinds of projects, whether they are developed according to some agile method or not. Examples are: DNS services names, EDR, environment versioning, helper code as separate projects. They are sensible patterns and idioms, but belong in the architecture domain and should not be grouped under the "agile 2.0" umbrella IMHO.

    Enterprise Maven Infrastructure, "Lightweight alternatives to heavyweight technologies" and "OW Test Model" (which should be given another name) are sufficiently related to- and required for agile software development to justify listing them here.

    1. Sep 10, 2008

      Our mission is:

      *We will focus the work on creating sets of process, techniques and technology which in combination will provide a cost-efficient and easy to adopt bootstrapping environments for software development. *

      I.e. some of the real value is the set of "tactics" which combined in a agile-configures way will give the developer and the agile team a better starting ground than the principles and/or technologies by themselves.

  2. Sep 10, 2008

    It seems to me that a better name for tactics would be patterns. Describing best practices as patterns is a well established technique, and will make it easier to communicate what this about.

    1. Sep 10, 2008

      As these technology components are partly patterns, partly processes, partly practises, partly tools etc etc... my vote go against misusing the word pattern, and maybe just call them pieces

      1. Nov 03, 2008

        Our long term plan is to put Agile Practices in under Agile Mindset and Methodology, while these Java-specific 'tactics' are (1) made non-Java specific so only the concepts remain, and (2) the implementations are linked in (we wish to seperate concepts from implementation).

        Whether you call these concepts patterns, pieces, strategies or tactics.. well, I think 'pattern' is reserved for software architecture patterns (EDR is probably a pattern). 'Tactics' hasn't been reserved by anything else, so it's a good term. I also like 'strategy' cause it fits with the stuff that's described here.

        Continous Integration and Artifact Repository are the strategies/tactics. Hudson and Maven Infrastructure are Java-specific (well, unless you want to argue about it anyway).

        This page still seems to be "raw", so feel free to improve on the content, Per. It will be easier to discuss once there's some proper content in here. A less woolly defintion of 'tactics' would be great, for instance.

        1. Sep 11, 2008

          Patterns are certainly not only reserved for software architecture patterns. The basic idea of patterns come from the city planner/architect Christopher Alexander, who used this technique to describe design elements that create good cities for people. The GoF book brought this technique into software engineering, and Jim Coplien has written a book about organizational and process patterns.

          So, yes, all of the tactics mentioned on this page can be written as patterns, i.e. using the pattern format.

          1. Oct 12, 2008

            I concur with Per that tactics could be written as patterns. In the future perhaps they will be made so concise and generic that they can be explained as patterns. Currently they are at best idioms and most are not pure idioms either, but contain elements of process and tooling as well. The words "tactic" and "piece" are both generic and works fine for now. "Practice" is not as well-suited, because the coupling to XP is too tight.