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Code-centric test tools

Unit Test oriented test tools

Tool M2-plugin Type Rating Comment
TestNG maven-surefire-plugin General purpose  
Junit4 maven-surefire-plugin Unit tests Comparable to TestNG, but lacks support for groups. Backwards compatible with JUnit3.
XmlUnit none needed
Unit test XML Use the utility classes
Springs TestContext Framework none needed   Extends JUnit and TestNG. Injection of fixtures. Test grouping. Transaction control plus other utils.
JUnit4 Extensions unknown unknown    
  shitty-maven-plugin Integration tests   The plugin provides a simple way to run integration tests for a project (single module or multi-module).

RDBMS testing

Tool M2-plugin Rating Comment
DBUnit maven-dbunit-plugin  

Derby embedded database

Mock Frameworks

Tool M2-plugin Type Rating Comment
Mockito none needed Mock framework Relatively new framework, improvement of EasyMock
EasyMock none needed Mock framework  
jMock none needed Mock framework  

Performance test tools

Tool Type Opinions and notes
JMeter Load test functional behavior and measure performance Maven plugin: chronos
The Grinder load testing framework that makes it easy to run a distributed test using many load injector machines ...
Hudson Grinder Plugin   ...
Perf4j ...

Web tests

Tool Type Opinions and notes
FITNesse integrated standalone wiki, and acceptance testing framework  
GreenPepper executable specifications and automated functional testing  
Selenium Web tests See our Selenium notes
Celerity Web tests JRuby/Watir wrapper around HTMLUnit, i.e. fast!
CubicTest eclipse plugin for automatic acceptance testing of webapps  
WebDriver Web tests  

Other test tools

Tool Type Opinions and notes
FIT Requirement/test mapper Very popular tool.
Concordian Requirement/test-mapper Like FIT, but better for Java
JBehave Requirement/test-mapper Java powered. Follows BDD
RSpec Requirement/test-mapper Ruby powered. Follows BDD
Cucumber Requirement/test-mapper Rewrite of RSpec. Follows BDD
MActor Component level mock framework Functional tests of any XML-based integration.
PushToTest Test Automation for Web Applications, Web Services, SOA, Ajax ...
SoapUI Web Services Testing tool ...
[BCT] Backward Compatibility Tester, Continuum extension
Testaco data driven testing and database refactoring
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