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JUnit 4.12
  • Con: Categories is still experimental / inmature.
  • Con: Asserts have parameters in the "wrong" order
  • Pro: Use annotations and marker interfaces -> better refactoring support.
  • Pro: JUnit is more popular (I think) than TestNG, so toolsupport may be better.
  • Con: Designed for unit tests only. E.g. Kent Beck insists that there should be no dependency between tests. So not supported to run setup once for a group of tests.
TestNG 6.8
  • Pro: Has had groups for a very long time.
  • Pro: JigZaw has been implemented using TestNG many times.
  • Con: Use text strings for groups.
  • Pro: Designed for more than unit tests.
    • DataProvider functionality
    • Explicit support for letting a group of tests depend on the same setup.


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