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Write and share a few notes on what you do each day.

Allow your team to write their daily doings on a wiki, one page for each team member. Here's an example page:

22nd of October 2008

Worked on the login (issue 3508)

  • Got some help from Jim
  • Some certificate issues. We solved and documented the problem on this wiki page.

Spend the rest of the day performance tuning the User table queries

Tried this caching product, but didn't work out. Will get help tomorrow.

21st of October 2008

Monitored the log files

Looks good, but one new error. Sent it to the team for feedback. Created issue 3557 (link).

Set up CI on our project

Was easy. Just added a Plan in Bamboo, worked quite easily.

Some key advantages of having diaries

  • People stay focused on doing what they should do
  • People remember much better what to say at the Daily Standup meeting
  • More transparency on what the team is doing.
  • The old diary often comes in handy when searching for old problems.
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