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Use cases

  • New to the product
    • how to start use it / basic usage
    • Configuration options/description
    • Examples of use
    • More examples of use
  • Specific requirements
    • FAQ
    • Troubleshoot guide

For unix-m-p

  • new to product
    • What problems can the product solve?
    • How to use it (add what to the pom)
    • Description of the configuration with both simple and extensive examples
    • The goals and responsibility of the unix-m-p. Scope.
    • Table of contents for different usage scenarios. (navigate from introduction to your use case)
  • Advanced information
    • Lifecycle
    • Some important design decisions
    • known limitations
  • Scenarios for use
    • Build rpm package
    • Build two rpm packages (32 + 64 bit)
    • Build rpm, deb, pkg package
    • Examples of scripts to run during installation
      • symlinks to /etc/init.d for example)
      • create app user
    • Examples with using output from appassembler and without
    • Example with embedded jetty
    • Examples for C++ code
  • FAQ
    • Troubleshoot guide as sections in the FAQ
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