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Work has been going on to prepare for this release the last half year, we are therefor happy to finally present it.
Release date: 22.08.2014


The vision for this release was to re-create and vastly improve the API of UIB in such a way that it allow for easier integration and better maintenance of users and applications.
User admin web app was also given a major upgrade.


  • API re-factored, see the details of the UIB services (API)
  • Application authentication early implementation
  • Real applicationID, applicationName, orgName and roleNames throughout Whydah modukles
New user UserAdminWebApp

We rewrote the admin web app from scratch using Angular.js, in addition with the new API from UIB it is:

  • Stable and more effective to work with
  • More appealing look and feel
  • Better protection towards finger trouble. I.e. list of available roles and organisations and prompt before deleting a role for a user.
  • Better scalability in both number of users and number of roles per user.
  • Bulk user password reset
  • Bulk user add role
  • Application administration, see highligh below
Application administration
  • Get a list of approved applications

Other items

  • Refactored netiq implementation
  • Refactored UIB security filter
  • Using HTTP Status codes as request feedback

Key knows issues

  • Add and remove applications using the UserAdmin interface. (Scheduled for 2.1)
  • Applications will be given an application id and an application secret. (Scheduled for 2.1)
  • Add and remove Roles and Organizations for applications. (Scheduled for 2.1)
  • UAS functionality still in UIB. (Scheduled for 2.1)

Detailed issue list per component (Not complete)

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