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Whydah development Express-route for linux and osx/mac

Pre-requisites: JDK 8, maven 3 and wget installed
  1. run (wget which will do the following
    1. clone all main Whydah repositories
    2. build all modules on local machine
    3. start all built modules in a TEST_LOCALHOST configuration
  2. verify that it is working before starting to code (http://localhost:9997/sso/welcome u:useradmin pw:useradmin567)

SecurityTokenService - A Quick glance

  1. Download SecurityTokenService.jar Download
  2. Download propertyfile here to same location
  3. Run java -DIAM_MODE=DEV -jar SSOLoginService.jar
  4. Point you browser at http://localhost:9998/tokenservice/
  5. Test the operations in the GUI (test API driver)
    1. NOTE: in this mode, you can create and adjust test-data/users/usertokens by creating files in the same directory with naming convention <my_test_username>.token ( See Example)

Set up test environment in a cloud

Tested on Ubuntu 13.04 on a virual machine in Azure and on Ubuntu 13.10 on a virtual machine in Amazon cloud services

This installs all Whydah components on the same machine.
Preferably you should run the services on different machines in a production environment.
See this documentation (link to be inserted) to understand why.

Get yourself a linux server.
Connect to the server, for windows users the Putty client is a suggestion.

Installation of 3rd party software

Configure Apache HTTP Proxy

Put the following code in a file called 'whydah.conf' at /etc/apache2/sites-available/

Install required mods:

Disable default site:

Enable your configuration:

Create users for the different services

Install UserIdentityBackend (For scripts)

Install SecurityTokenService (For scripts)

Install SSOLoginService (For scripts)

Install UserAdministration (For scripts)

Test webapp
There is a project named Whydah-TestWebApp that shows an implementation of a website secured by Whydah.
The project can be downloaded at:

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