Contributing to Whydah

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Whydah development Express-route for linux and osx/mac

Pre-requisites: JDK 8, maven 3 and wget installed
  1. run (wget which will do the following
    1. clone all main Whydah repositories
    2. build all modules on local machine
    3. start all built modules in a TEST_LOCALHOST configuration
  2. verify that it is working before starting to code (http://localhost:9997/sso/welcome u:useradmin pw:useradmin567)

Whydah modules

Key Whydah Data Structures

Whydah development 911
If you have trouble getting Whydah to run locally, it is usually one or more of the following problems
  1. You have inconsistent applicationID and applicationSecret between the modules - check this first
  2. You have inconsistency/error in the URL links between the components
  3. You have error in how you start the modules, leaving you running on a different set of properties/configuration than you expected

Watch the module logs to figure out where the problem is located.

The source code and issue trackers



Unknown macro: {code}



Example applications which integrate with Whydah

See Integrating with Whydah

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