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Hosting environment Cantara Whydah QA (AWS)
Purpose QA Environment for testing Whydah 2.1
Set up date 2015-11-22
Set up by Stig Lau
My uri
ELB not configured


Server Type Public DNS security group ssh key ports used
C-QA-W-2.1-STS-SSOLWA 1/1   ? QA-Whydah-DMZ Cantara_Whydah_Frankfurt.pem 9997,9998,9999
C-QA-W-2.1-UAWA   ? PROD-Whydah-DMZ Cantara_Whydah_Frankfurt.pem 9996
C-QA-W-2.1-UAS   ? PROD-Whydah-DMZ Cantara_Whydah_Frankfurt.pem  
C-QA-W-2.1-UIB   ? QA-Whydah-Vault Cantara_Whydah_Frankfurt.pem 9995
C-QA-W-UIB-DB   ? Whydah Secure
N/A 3306
C-QA-W-UIB-LDAP   ? Whydah Secure
Cantara_Whydah_Frankfurt.pem 10389


Role database

Endpoint: ?:3306
DB Name: uibdbmysql
Engine: mysql(5.6.23) ???
Username: uibuser
Master User Password: ********
Option Group(s):default:mysql-5-6 ??
Availability Zone: ??????
VPC ID: ???
Security Security Groups:Whydah Secure (??)
Instance Class:db.m1.small

LDAP - TODO Update config

Runs on: ??
user: ec2-user
run command: docker run -d -p 10389:389 ldap
check whether container is running: docker ps
check that ldap is working: ldapsearch -D cn=admin,dc=external,dc=WHYDAH,dc=no -w secret -p 10389 -h localhost -b "dc=external,dc=WHYDAH,dc=no" -s sub "(objectclass=*)"

How to set up Whydah from scratch on AWS

  • Create Security groups
  • Provision up a set of AWS AMI instances to install whydah on
  • Set up the DB storage
  • Git clone
  • Create internal project for storing sensitive environment specific configuration for Ansible provisioning
  • Provision
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