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Whydah can be configured to use Facebook as a third party Identity Provider.
This is a setup guide to help you get the cofiguration right.
See example at and try to log in at

Why use Facebook?

Facebook OAUTH is useful instead of forcing users outside your organization to sign up for a new identity.
With Whydah the Facebook users are given a set of predefined roles.


  • Whydah installation and known public IP for you SSO-LoginWebApp
  • Name of app
  • Preferred contact e-mail for people who have questions about the app.
  • App Icon, 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Small app Icon, 16 x 16 pixels

Facebook configuration

1. Create app on Facebook

  • Go to
  • Set up the App
    • On the Settings - Basic pane
      • Enter Display Name, Namespace, App Domains, Contact Email
      • Press Add Plattform and add a Web plattform, the URL should be the URL to your app (Not to whydah login webapp).
        • Repeat if other platforms should be supported.
    • On the Settings - Advanced Pane
      • Deauthorize callback URL is not yet implemented by Whydah
      • Activate Social Discovery (if you prefer)
      • Activate Client OAuth
      • Enter the IP of <Probably SSO-LoginWebApp> for Server IP Whitelist
      • Enter Valid OAuth redirect URIs. This should point to /fbauth on your SSO-LoginwebApp. Example:
    • On the Settings - Migrations
      • Enable Stream post URL security (Not sure if this is Necessary)
    • On the Status & Review - Status Pane
      • Make the app Public
      • Check the items of information that you want to retrieve from FBGraph and submit them for review.
    • On the App Details Pane
      • Enter Primary Language, Tagline, Short Description, Publisher, Long Description , Category, Business, Explanation for Permissions
      • Enter Privacy Policy URL, Terms of Service URL, User Support Email, User Support URL, Marketing URL (Should be a marketing website, not the one that triggers login)
      • Upload App Icons (and promotional images/video if you like)
  • Retrieve App ID and App Secret to be used in the next step

2. Configure Whydah

  • Configure UserIdentityBackend default roles for new Facebook-users.
  • Restart the service
  • Configure SSO-LoginWebApp
  • Restart the service

3. Verify

  • Go to your app, you should be redirected to SSO Login Web App, there you should see a "Login with Facebook" - click it.
  • If you have done everything right you will be sent back to your app through /fbauth on SSO-LoginWebApp
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