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UserIdentityBackend supports Windows and Linux, but Ubuntu or Amazon Linux is recommended.
This page describes a typical production setup, see Install UserIdentityBackend - devtest for a easier, but not production ready installation.


  1. RDBMS: MySQL, MS SQL Server or HSQLDB
  2. LDAP: ApacheDS or OpenLDAP
    2. Whydah OpenLDAP Docker image
    3. Install OpenLDAP for UIB

Install UIB

Installation is automated using Ansible.

  • Create AWS EC2 instance or similar
  • git clone Whydah-Provisioning-yourEnvName
  • Set up configuration files for provisioning (ask Stig or Erik, not easily documented as of now)
  • time ansible-playbook -vvv provision-whydah.yml --private-key=~/.ssh/altran_whydah_dev.pem --tags=uib

Docker strategy

  • Database: Docker container or
  • LDAP: OpenLDAP in separate Docker container
  • Data volume container
    • prodInitData (csv fles for import)
    • logback.xml
    • lucene data
  • UIB in Docker
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