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Web SSO made easy


  • Provide the user one, common, recognizable login interface
  • Provide FB authentication
  • Provide NetIQ auth and other 3rd party identities

Configuration properties

The LWA Artefact contains default properties for the different IAM_MODE's being used.
<- Indicates same value as the one to the right.

Property Example values PROD
Use external config
Exists as embedded - not recommended
Default values TEST Default values DEV Comment
securitytokenservice http://localhost:9998/tokenservice/ <- The URL to STS
useridentitybackend http://localhost:9995/uib/ <- The URL to UIB
myuri http://localhost:9997/sso/ <- STS own uri
cookiedomain <- <- Domain to set on the cookie that LWA sets on logged in users cookie
logintype.facebook enabled <- <- Whether or not to enable Facebook as an identity provider (remember to configure FACEBOOK-specific config
logintype.openid enabled <- <- Whether or not to enable OpenID as an identity provider
logintype.omni disabled <- <- Whether or not to enable Omni as an identity provider, see more at
logintype.userpassword enabled <- <- Whether or not to allow direct login with username and pw
logintype.netiq enabled <- <- Whether or not to display a NetIQ Login Button
logintype.netiq.text NetIQ <- <- Text to display on the netIQ-login button
logintype.netiq.logo images/netiqlogo.png     Logo to display on the netIQ-login button
signupEnabled true     Whether it should be allowed to sign up, signup-link will appear
netIQauthURL     The path to the NetIQ Auth server, see more at

FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET 2124234234234     The app secret for the Facebook app with
FACEBOOK_APP_ID 23423252452442     The app ID for the Facebook app you auth with
logourl     Picture to be displayed on top of login page

Whydah User Session Discovery Flow

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