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SecurityTokenService (STS)


The scalable secure session control

  • Session state
  • Usertoken generation
  • Usertoken / UserTicket / user credential verification
  • Application credential verification
  • Application token generation

Integration endpoints

UserToken API

ApplicationToken API

Configuration properties

The STS Artefact contains default properties for the different IAM_MODE's being used.
<- Indicates same value as the one to the right.

Property Example values PROD
Use external config
Exists as embedded - not recommended
Default values TEST Default values DEV Comment
myuri http://localhost:9998/tokenservice/ http://localhost:9998/tokenservice/ The URI to this instance of STS
service.port 9998 <- <- Port for this service
useridbackendUri http://myservice/uib/ http://localhost:9995/uib/ http://localhost:9995/uib/ URL to useridentity backend
testpage disabled enabled enabled Whether or not to enable the testpage. The url is printed when you start the service with it enabled.
logourl <- <- A logo to display for the kicks of it

Additional info

  • HazelCast + Apache mod_balance to share state.
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