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description of responsibility here

possibly a diagram of how service integrates with other services.

Integration endpoints

Name Type What Clients Comment
One thing HTTP (REST level 2)     not using hypermedia yet
Something JMS Queue      


Install MongoDB
  1. Download 2.4.8 and unzip
  2. md mongodb-data
  3. md mongodb-log
  4. Create mongod.cfg:
  5. D:\SERVERS\mongodb-2.4.8\bin\mongod.exe --config D:\TomraPlus\mongodb-2.4.8\mongod.cfg --install
  6. net start MongoDB

Reference documentation: Install MongoDB on Windows

Install application
  1. Use standard installation script update-application.bat.

1. Service stores update metadata in a document database, MongoDB. Several backup strategies are supported. We suggest using Backup and Restore with Filesystem Snapshots to avoid shutting down the application to take backups.

2. Service stores some resources (files) on filesystem. The location of this file store is controlled by the property in It is not considered necessary to stop the application before backup.

  1. HTTP endpoints available
  2. JMS server available
    1. Destination activity (e.g. no or very slow consumers)
  3. Monitoring for MongoDB
  4. Disk space available for file store.


Source code: ssh://something.git

Test tools: TestNG, Rest assured, Fongo (in-mem MongoDB)

Technology stack
  1. Jersey 2.x (REST endpoints)
  2. Jackson for JSON parsing
  3. Embedded Jetty 9 (necessary to use web.xml)
  4. Spring DI
  5. MongoDB - Document oriented database for persistence.
    1. Mature, schema-less, well-documented, good backup options, support simple queries
  6. Spring Data MongoDB to simplify integration with MongoDB
  7. Spring JMS
Design notes

See also

RFC 2616 Fielding, et al - Method definitions

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